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Palmer Higgs Publishing proud to be involved with The Modern Women's Anthology 2010

Palmer Higgs has been delighted to be involved with the publishing of The Modern Woman’s Anthology since its early days. The anthology project began when Sydney journalist Leah Greengarten, 28, decided to create a permanent record of personal stories from prominent and interesting Australian women. The result is an extraordinary literary project which brings together a unique collection of stories, musings and memoirs from contributing writers such as Olympian Cathy Freeman, Media Commentator and Doctor Dr Cindy Pan and Chairman and Women's Publishing Network member, Jane Grieve. These women have penned their thoughts about the Woman in the Modern World in a project to raise funds for the Black Dog Institute to help assist with their priceless work for mental health.

The 2010 Anthology was launched by the wife of the (then!) Prime Minister, Therese Rein on 22nd June 2010 at Customs House, Sydney. The packed-out event was hosted by Wendy Harmer and speakers included the Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore MP, Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute Prof. Gordon Parker, and contributing writer Prof. Deborah Brennan. Therese Rein has a particular interest in the book, being not only (obviously!) a modern woman but also as a trained psychologist with a specialisation in the field of clinical depression. During her speech she pointed out her “surprise wrinkle” which had developed - caused by her raised eyebrow as she read the collection of remarkable stories.

The choice of Wendy Harmer as the MC was an inspired one as she added her great sense of humour to the proceedings. In response to a comment in the book by one of the contributors, Kathryn Eismann, that “...the greatest journeys in life aren’t the ones we plan (or pack) for” Wendy offered the comment that she was such a bad packer for journeys that she would be better off “picking up the luggage of a Pakistani cricketer at the airport carousel by mistake”! Prof.Gordon Parker also added to the humour by recalling previous speaking ngagements where he had been introduced as the Executive Director of the “Mad Dog” Institute and the “Black God” Institute. So despite the overriding mission of raising money for a cause associated with depression, the launch was light-hearted and lively.

The light hearted theme continued at a lovely lunch attended by the writers, the editors Leah and Talia, and Paul, Debbie and Julie from Palmer Higgs. The lunch was at Cafe Sydney in Customs House which provides a wonderful view of the Harbour Bridge and excellent food so we all enjoyed a wonderful get-together as well as a delightful lunch.

The Modern Woman’s Anthology 2010 is available at www.phbooks.com.au at $29.95 or visit the book website at www.themodernwomansanthology.com.au. For further information about Palmer Higgs' services for self-publishing authors (including a free Self Publisher's Marketing Guide) visit www.palmerhiggs.com.au

(Jane Grieve, WPN member, right, with Leah)

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Comment by Lori D Cartagena on August 23, 2010 at 21:29
Julie from Palmer Higgs has been fantastic in promoting my book and I am so thankful to everyone at Palmer Higgs......,Thank you Paul, Debbie,Julie and everyone for your support.I recommend you to everyone. let me know when you want me to come down to Melbourne. It will be great!
Comment by Bev Ryan on August 23, 2010 at 21:02
I bought Mindfood recently and there is a great article by and about Leah, telling her story of dealing with depression and dyslexia. Great coverage and an inspiring story!!
Comment by Hayley Solich on August 8, 2010 at 22:22
Love the cover! Looks favulous. :)
Comment by Lori D Cartagena on June 26, 2010 at 7:56
Hi Debbie, I hope I can be involved in some of your future events. I have so much going on up here in Brisbane and hopefully, overseas. You guys are steaming along beautifully. Congratulations...I knew you would.
check out the updates on my website.... www.loridcartagena.com
Comment by Bev Ryan on June 25, 2010 at 20:40
Debbie, thank you so much for this wonderful description of the day. It would have been wonderful to be there! After phoning Jane to ask her to keep an eye out for you at the launch and to say hello from me, even though we have never met, then to find out you quite serendipitously sat beside each other was just lovely!!
Here's to many more exciting book launches!!
Comment by Jane Olivia Grieve on June 25, 2010 at 20:12
Yes, very nice photo.
Wasn't that whole event something else? I was just blown away by the enormity of the whole thing. I hope it is a great success for Leah's sake; I am sure they must have sold heaps and heaps on the day - my group alone would have bought 25 or 30.


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